Food Additives

Taiyo supplies the following food additives which may be used in food applications for a variety of functions:

We are excited to announce that Taiyo GmbH will be showcasing our latest products at Vitafoods 2024. Vitafoods is one of the largest international exhibitions for supplements, functional foods and beverages, health and wellness products. We are proud to present our innovative products from the Sunfiber®, Sunphenon®, SunActive®, Suntheanine®, SunMatcha®, Teavigo® and Vegemeat product range. We are proud to relaunch Sunphenon® TH30 which will be available again from June 2024. Sunphenon® TH30 is made from high-quality green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is rich in natural green tea L-theanine. It can be used in food supplements, beverages, dairy products, and confectionery. It is a legal form of L-theanine that can be used in Europe because it is 100% naturally derived from green tea. Tea has long been regarded as a calming and healing beverage. The calming effect of tea is attributed to the L-theanine it contains. L-theanine has been consumed in tea by billions of people for thousands of years. In fact, L-theanine appears to prevent insomnia, fatigue and chronic tiredness. It can also help to reduce stress and increase the ability to concentrate at work, study or during sporting activities. Furthermore, we will present other highlights, new concepts and studies e.g.: Our team will be available throughout the exhibition to provide more information about our products and answer your questions. We will also be conducting live demonstrations, allowing you to see our products in action. We look forward to discussing how our products can help you achieve your health goals. See you at our booth F110 in hall 1.

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