New Study: Anxiety symptoms and Sunfiber

There was a new study published in Jan 2019 about the connection of Anxiety with the human gut microbiome. The Keynotes of this study are:

  • Psychological disorders such as Anxiety are connected and influenced by the gut-microbiome.
  • Anxiety could be influenced and reduced by improving gut microbiome.
    Gut microbiome and Anxiety could be influenced by probiotic and non-probiotic interventions.
  • Non-probiotic interventions include an increased intake of soluble dietary fiber and/or a LOW FODMAP diet.
  • It was highlighted that non-probiotic interventions were more effective than probiotic interventions.
  • Extrapolation of these study results to Taiyo’s Sunfiber: Increased intake of Sunfiber could potentially act against psychological disorders such as Anxiety via an improvement of the gut microbiome.

This study is another good argument for the completely new field of application of mental and psychological disorders.

Medical doctors, health care practitioners and nutritionists might start to use Taiyo’s Sunfiber also in the therapy of mental and psychological disorders. Moreover, Sunfiber can also be added in combination with other nootropic ingredients for mental health.

Yang B, et al. Effects of regulating intestinal microbiota on anxiety symptoms: A systematic review. General Psychiatry 2019;32:e100056.

You can download the study here:

Microbiome and Anxiety Yang 2019

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New formula for a Vegan Protein Shake – innovative Product Concept for Weight Management

Taiyo has developed an exciting novelty within the weight management segment – an innovative product concept of a Vegan Protein Shake! This shake is 100% soy and allergen free, 100% vegan and has a great coffee-cappuccino taste. This protein shake was developed on basis of latest studies. It is the first vegan shake having a combination of innovative and unique ingredients with added values for consumers. The goal was to create a shake with an outstanding taste, which enjoys broad acceptance.

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TAIYO adds cannabis alternative to its portfolio

Vegan ingredients, functional concepts and a CBD-free painkiller: Taiyo’s new developments attracted a lot of attention at Vitafoods in Geneva.

Schwelm (Germany), May 2018 – Taiyo, the health-promoting natural ingredients expert, used Vitafoods Europe, in Geneva, to debut innovative concepts that were particularly well received by manufacturers of sports nutrition and functional products. The most surprising innovation was a concept developed by Taiyo GmbH in Germany and partners for the European market: A legal cannabidiol (CBD) alternative that promises legal and safe consumption with a CBD effect. Also among the sought-after new products were a vegan protein shake concept based on chia protein and bean fibre, which contains green coffee beans, along with new prototypes for functional, clear, instant soups offering increased saturation and regeneration, with protein and fibre enrichment.

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Official notice of Name Change from TKI

We would like to inform you about a name change of Taiyo Lucid (TLPL) to Taiyo Kagaku India (TKI).

To produce Sunfiber the companies Taiyo Kagaku (Japan) and Lucid (India) created a joint venture in Aurangabad, India called Taiyo Lucid Pvt. Ltd. (TLPL). Taiyo Kagaku and Lucid owned 40% each of the shares on TLPL. Since then, the law in India recently changed and it became allowed for foreign companies to own the majority of companies that are based and producing in India.

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