Fi Europe 2022 in Paris – Taiyo presents new products

Fi Europe 2022 Preview

At this years Fi Europe 2022 in Paris, Taiyo is presenting novelties from the Sunfiber®, Vegemeat and Sunphenon® ranges, in addition to the already well-known functional ingredients. 

Sunfiber® is a soluble prebiotic dietary fiber produced from the guar bean which promotes the acitivity and multiplication of beneficial probiotics in the gastro-intestinal tract. Sunfiber® VB can be utilised in baby food, and Sunfiber® AF in pet food. Because of its slow fermentation, Sunfiber® does not cause uncomfortable bloating, cramps or other digestive discomfort. All variants of Sunfiber® decrease the glycemic index of food products, which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the prebiotic dietary fiber supports the health and function of the intestinal tract, and increases overall wellbeing. Sunfiber® VC is characterised by its low viscosity which perfectly suits technological requirements. The functional ingredient makes baked goods crispier and fluffier, and is suitable for use in fruit gummies. Sunfiber® VC also dissolves well in fluids such as milk beverages or supplements in the form of syrups and shots.

Green tea catechins in the Sunphenon® range are innovative ingredients. Their health-promoting properties differ depending on the catechin: Sunphenon® XLB can be used in oral hygiene and disinfectant products to make it more difficult for viruses to penetrate. Sunphenon® EC is a myostatin blocker that can positively contribute to muscle growth. In sufficient doses, it can also have beneficial effects against diabetes and obesity. The Sunphenon® EGC variant is an amylase and glucosidase blocker that can also have a health-promoting effect in type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Vegemeat is a 100 % natural and allergen-free, pea-based meat alternative. Its authentic, minced-meat-like texture makes it ideal for dishes such as meatless bolognese and lasagne. It contains valuable nutrients not found in meat or other meat substitutes, such as glucomannan, vitamin B12 and iron bioavailable through Taiyo’s SunActive® Iron. Vegemeat is available in several variants, adapted to a wide variety of target groups and dietary requirements. Vegemeat’s high protein content of 78g per 100g far exceeds that of soy, while its fat content is very low at only 0.3g per 100g. Vegemeat consists of just four ingredients – pea protein, strawberry juice concentrate, salt and glucomannan – and has no inherent flavor and therefore no off-notes to mask.

“Consumers are increasingly questioning a product’s ingredients and looking for natural and plant-based alternatives with added health benefits,” says Dr. Stefan Siebrecht, managing director of Taiyo’s German subsidiary. “Taiyo is therefore presenting innovative solutions and products that enable the industry to meet these demands.”

Taiyo will be represented at Fi Europe by a team of experts on hand to answer technological questions on specific products from its ever-growing portfolio of ingredients.

If you are interested in Taiyo´s new products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Picture source: Taiyo GmbH

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