ISO classifies Taiyo’s fiber Sunfiber® as a natural ingredient

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Natural guar bean fiber is one of the rare, truly pure plant-based fibers and the perfect ingredient to enrich and enhance high-quality foods.

Schwelm, Germany, May 2020 – According to the International Organization for Standardization technical specification, ISO 19657:2017, Taiyo’s Sunfiber® dietary fiber is a 100% natural ingredient. This is good news for food manufacturers. Not only can they simplify the certification process for their own products, they can also use the “natural dietary fiber” claim on their product labels.

At the same time, consumers who are increasingly concerned about the origin of their food and value naturalness, also benefit from the guaranteed quality of the ingredient. To recognize whether or not a product contains a natural and/or a synthetically produced dietary fiber is not easy. There are a lot of chemically modified, polymerised, denatured or synthetic fibers on the market that, at first glance, look familiar and appear to be natural, as denatured starch or polydextrose.

“In today’s climate of adulteration and contamination, it has never been more important to take every necessary step to ensure ingredient quality,” says Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo Germany. “Pure and safe raw materials are the measure of all things for us and a prerequisite for high-quality products. We would, for example, welcome an officially authorized organization that certifies natural products.”

“As a result,” he continues, “companies could communicate this certification to consumers. Close supplier relationships and quality control based on the strictest regulations and standards are therefore part of our daily business. Our customers can rest assured that they’re buying genuine, natural raw materials of the highest quality from us, which subsequently contribute to clean labelling.”

Backed by science, Sunfiber® is clinically proven to lower the glycemic index, contributing to stabilized blood glucose levels. For this reason, Sunfiber® has achieved a Health Claim for lowering after-meal blood glucose levels by 20% from the Canadian health authorities.[1] It comprises 100% partially hydrolysed guar gum from the Indian Guar Bean (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus) and is Taiyo’s versatile all-round water-soluble solution when it comes to enriching food and beverages with digestive fibers. Sunfiber® acts as a probiotic in the gastrointestinal tract and helps to slow down and reduce the absorption of fat, cholesterol and sugar. It is compatible with a low FODMAP diet because its fermentation rate is very slow, which means that it doesn’t induce painful gas, cramping or discomfort.

Taiyo, which specializes in plant-based concepts with nutritional benefits, is constantly working on new concepts and is going to certify more products to differentiate them from synthetic ones.

[1] Confirmed by the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences, Food Directorate, Health Canada, Ottawa, on 25 April 2013

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Picture source: Shutterstock | Vinod K Pillai

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