Food Additives


Emulsifiers are used in chocolate, ice cream, and processed fats such as margarine, providing them with a variety of features. Acting to bind water and oil which are not miscible under normal circumstances, emulsifiers fulfill roles such as emulsifying fats, controlling bubble formation, and making foods more palatable. They also act on substances such as starch and proteins to modify functions such as age inhibition, on fats through crystallization control (growth promotion, crystallization inhibition), and also function to improve shape retention. Since first brought a food emulsifier on the Japanese market in 1952, Taiyo Kagaku has continued to provide exceptional emulsifiers to food manufacturers in Japan and the other countries around the world for half a century.


Roles of thickener/stabilizer include improving the flavor of food and drink products with a large water content such as beverages and desserts, as well as manufacturing-based quality stabilization and increasing preservation stability. They are largely based on natural ingredients such as legumes and seaweed, and used across the entire range of food products. Taiyo Kagaku pushes on development according to their applications.

Taiyo Food Additives:

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