Q10 Powder

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural and body own antioxidant that is essential for mitochondrial energy production. Q10 activates ATP synthesis transferring electrons in the breathing chain electron transfer system. Q10 is also essential Inhibition of LDL oxidation and for the fat metabolism. Coenzyme Q10 is used in nutritional foods, sport drinks, cosmetics and personal care products such as toothpaste to prevent gum diseases and cosmetics to reduce skin aging, to look younger and to prevent wrinkles. Recent studies have shown that obese and overweight people have a Q10 deficiency in the adipocytes that reduces the fat burning capacity in the mitochondria. Obese and overweight people should therefor take more Q10 with their diet to increase mitochondrial fat burning capacity again.

Taiyo Q10 Products:

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SunActive® is a patented and protected Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) consisting of micronized and micro encapsulated nutrients for an effective nutrient delivery through foods, beverages and dietary supplements. SunActive® is free of any flavours, colours or preservatives and it is stable against heat, salt, pH and oxidation.

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