Research & Development

Imagine, Desire, Create.


Never content with the status quo, we are always asking “what if” and “what’s next.” These simple questions are what fuels our mission to develop safe, healthy and nutritious ingredients. Taiyo has established dedicate divisions, each with its own R&D to create a system that can technically support advanced problems accurately and swiftly. Market changes are immediately reflected in our research and development so that we may always evaluate and develop the latest technology. While applying the technical knowledge we have accumulated over the years as a food ingredient manufacturer, we will continue to launch new products and technology to meet the demands of our new lifestyle.

Taiyo is proud to sponsor various International symposia, nurturing the transfer of science and technology among specialists around the world and thus promoting further advancements in science. Food and pharmaceutical researchers, University scientists and governmental agencies join together with the general public to participate in these symposia.

  • 2013: Dialogue with Life Symposium: Theme “Medicine and Food”
  • 2013: Antioxidant Unit: The 7th Study Session
  • 2005: International Mental Health & Nutrition Symposium
  • 2002: International Brain Nutrition Symposium
  • 1999: International Mineral and Vitamin symposium
  • 1996: International Dietary Fiber Symposium
  • 1994: The Culture and Science of Tea
  • 1992: Advanced Science for Effective use of Hen Eggs