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Vegemeat is a soy protein product with a meat-like texture and taste of minced meat. This product is using soybean protein, corn oil and pea protein as the main materials, which are then heated by microwave, dried and granulated. Vegemeat is vegan and gluten-free. It can be used in various food applications like soups, sauces, lasagne, “meat” fillings, “meat” balls or patties. This soy protein product offers a very nice and crispy texture but it can also combine with sauces and then built a smooth “meaty” texture. Vegemeat mainly consists of soy bean protein, corn oil, pea protein, strawberry juice concentrate and a good mix of salt and pepper.

Picture of Vegemeat granules, a soy protein meat replacement

Vegemeat can be used in various application forms. It can be used as dry food in instant meals like soups, ready-to-cook meals or as protein enhancer in savoury snacks (nutritional bars or balls). Vegemeat is swelling up to the 2.5 times volume in water, so 100 g of dry Vegemeat are equivalent to 250 g of wet minced meat. It can also be used as “cooked” vegan minced meat imitate in ready-to-eat meals like veggie Bolognese or in vegan meat balls. Vegemeat is a delicious vegan minced meat imitate that is suitable for vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians (meat eaters). It is very good in consistency and becomes soft but it also maintains chewy like minced meat. Vegemeat is added to hot water or soup broth (for more flavour) and is ready for consumption already after 5 min. Vegemeat can be added directly to any food or sauce. For a more substantial taste, smoked salt, pepper, garlic, some marjoram or caraway could be added. To be used to create meat balls or Hamburger patties Vegemeat has to swell in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then it is mixed with soy protein powder or chia protein as a binder and it can be formed to balls and meat patties.

How to cook Vegemeat in a frying pan
  • Protein content of 54g / 100g
  • Contains around 9% of fat
  • Meat like texture and taste

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