Company Milestones

Since its foundation in 1946 Taiyo has achieved many milestones in more than 70 years of company history.

  • 2020

    Taiyo GmbH presents the first time as an expert at customer webinars.

  • 2019

    Name change of Taiyo Lucid Pvt. Ltd. into Taiyo Kagaku India Pvt. Ltd.

  • 2017

    Establishing the "Taiyo GmbH Educational Day" as a yearly distributor training program

  • 2016

    Taiyo GmbH moves stock into a bigger, food dedicated warehouse in Buchholz close to Hamburg

  • 2016

    Taiyo GmbH moves from Filderstadt to Schwelm close to Düsseldorf

  • 2014

    Taiyo GmbH receives the EU Organic Certification

  • 2012

    Taiyo GmbH was founded in Filderstadt, Germany for handling sales within the EMEA-Region

  • 2006

    Taiyo Kagaku China Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai, China

  • 2006

    Food Analysis Technology Center established at Taiyo Tokyo office
  • 2005

    Taiyo Kagaku opens “Kogetsu” restaurant in Yokkaichi, Japan

  • 2004

    Taiyo Green Power Co., Ltd. was founded in Wuxi, China as green tea and matcha manufacturing site

  • 2004

    Taiyo Food (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was founded in Tianjin, China

  • 1995

    Kaifeng Taiyo Kinmei Food Co., Ltd. was founded in Henan, China as food manufacturing site

  • 1994

    Taiyo International Inc. was founded as North American subsidiary

  • 1981

    Taiyo Kagaku and Taiyo Food merge to form Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.
  • 1979

    Taiyo founded the independent Mie "Food Analysis & Development Center"

  • 1978

    Taiyo launched the production of instant food products using unique microwave technology

  • 1958

    Taiyo Food Co., Ltd. was founded, becoming the first company in Japan to produce processed egg products on an industrial scale

  • 1949

    Taiyo startet with production of food flavorings

  • 1946

    Taiyo Kagaku Corporation was founded