Vitafoods 2024: Taiyo leads the way in dietary supplement innovation

We are pleased to announce that Taiyo GmbH recently participated at the Vitafoods Europe exhibition in Geneva. As a leading provider of innovative ingredients and solutions, Taiyo showcased its products and broadened its influence across various sectors, making a significant impression on attendees. We extend our genuine thanks to all the customers who visited our booth and contributed to making Vitafoods 2024 an outstanding event.

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Sunsoft® – Powerful PEG-free solubilizers & emulsifiers.

Taiyo is proud to announce our new distribution partner for the Sunsoft® cosmetic range. With over 70 years of insight and profound knowledge about surface-activity technologies and the manufacturing know-how of Polyglycerol fatty acid esters (PGFEs), Taiyo is vigorously pushing the boundaries of its PGFEs to cosmetic and personal care fields.

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Exhibition preview Vitafoods 2024

We are excited to announce that Taiyo GmbH will be showcasing our latest products at Vitafoods 2024. Vitafoods is one of the largest international exhibitions for supplements, functional foods and beverages, health and wellness products. We are proud to present

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Sunphenon® TH30: available again in June 2024!

Our product Sunphenon® TH30, natural L-theanine, will be available again from June.

Sunphenon® TH30 is made from high-quality green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is rich in natural green tea L-theanine. Sunphenon® TH30 can be used in food supplements, beverages, dairy products, and confectionery. It is the only legal form of L-theanine that can be used in Europe because it is 100% naturally derived from green tea.

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Sunphenon® 8RTH – Taiyo´s soluble Matcha extract

Taiyo is proud to present Sunphenon® 8RTH – a soluble Matcha extract, which creates a perfectly brewed instant Matcha.

While conventional Matcha powder is not water-soluble and produces sediment, Sunphenon® 8RTH is completely water-soluble without sedimentation. Therefore, it combines the advantages of conventional Matcha and the technical benefits of an instant tea. It is perfect for the use in beverages.

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FiE 2023 in Frankfurt: Taiyo presented new innovative concepts

At FiE 2023 in Frankfurt Taiyo presented new and innovative concepts surrounding its functional ingredients. Taiyo’s mission was to inform interested customers about the various possibilities for using Taiyo’s raw materials. In addition to that, Taiyo was presenting well established ingredients like Sunfiber® and Vegemeat as well as novelties in the SunActive® and Sunphenon® range.

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