Iron supplementation: study finds synbiotics boost bioavailability

Iron is the leading nutrient deficiency in women worldwide. However, a recently published study has revealed that a combination of Taiyo´s prebiotic Sunfiber® (partially hydrolysed guar gum PHGG ) and BL-04, the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis from IFF, may improve the bioavailability of supplemented iron in female athletes.

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Hero ingredients on the rise

Hero ingredients are the hot topic that the food and beverage industry is talking about. But what is behind it? Interest in products with added health benefits continues to grow.

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Taiyo and Asiros join forces to produce high-in-fiber fruit powders

Taiyo, the German expert in natural dietary fibers, and Asiros, the Danish fruit powders specialist, have teamed up to develop and market a new high-fiber fruit powder range called BerryShield Premium Conventional and BerryShield Organic. The products can be enjoyed pure or processed in high-quality applications, and are aimed at companies in the nutraceuticals sector and the food & beverage industry in the EMEA region.

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The gut microbiota as a regulator of the gut-skin axis

The intestines of an adult host a large number of different bacterial species. These are mainly present in the lower part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and form a symbiotic relationship with their human home. Several current studies describe the way the gut microbiota communicates with the skin as one of the main regulators of the gut-skin axis. The main focus of this research is to explore its potential influence on skin differentiation and cellular hornification, the modulation of the cutaneous immune response in various diseases and how this communication can be utilised to control various skin conditions.

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Sunfiber® information from Taiyo GmbH on a new website

Taiyo GmbH has created a new website with Sunfiber® information! To give interested professionals in Europe, Middle-East and Africa a short introduction about Sunfiber®, its main benefits, application possibilities and possible fiber concepts, Taiyo GmbH has launched this new site.

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EGCg rich green tea extract Teavigo® is certified as 100% natural

Teavigo® is Taiyo’s green tea extract with high-purity decaffeinated EGCg (=Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate). It contains more than 94% of this major catechin and is perfect for the use in dietary supplements, beverages, dairy or as antioxidant for foods and confectionary without tea taste or color. Now it has been certified as 100% natural.

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Partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) fiber and its influence on the intestinal microbiota

The influence of partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) fiber on the intestinal microbiota was analyzed in the latest issue of the magazine AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech, vol. 32(1). Dr. Stefan Siebrecht (Managing Director) and Laura Ingenlath (Quality Manager) from Taiyo GmbH, discuss the findings of two recent studies to assess the role and effects of partially hydrolzyed guar gum (PHGG) as a prebiotic dietary fiber.

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