Are you sleeping well?

Many people are experiencing sleep problems these days. Working long hours, stress and/or drinking alcohol in the evening are all factors that can adversely affect normal sleep patterns. At the same time, the COVID-19 lockdown is taking its toll. Although one might think that this would enable people to take their foot off the work-life accelerator, it’s actually causing more stress than ever before. People sit at home all day, spend most of their time on video calls and, at the end of the day, have seen nothing but their desk or dining table. Unfortunately, there is no panacea for this situation and the resulting emotional strain can make getting quality sleep difficult.

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Green tea extracts inactivate coronavirus, study finds

It has long been known that the secondary plant compounds in green tea extracts act like natural antibodies. Furthermore, the anticarcinogenic, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antimicrobial and antiviral effects of daily green tea consumption have been demonstrated in numerous studies.

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Natural brain-boosting beverages with Taiyo ingredients

Natural brain-boosting beverages will be launched at the end of march by the Denmark-based Clutch Cognition. The start-up, consisting of a molecular biologist, a medical doctor and a nutrition innovation expert, has created cognitive health focused products that are true alternatives to the caffeine-laden energy-drinks.

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Gut bacteria and fertility – study finds potential link

Gut bacteria and fertility. That there might be a connection between the gut microbiome and women’s fertility was recently analysed in a preliminary study. In the pilot study, Japanese researchers analysed the gut microbiomes of 18 fertile and 18 infertile women. They found that the infertile women had different gut microbiome compositions compared with fertile women, indicating the gut microbiome may play a role in fertility.

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Food adulteration – Taiyo´s adulteration-free guarantee

Food adulteration also known as food fraud is a rising issue in the food industry. Whether adulterated, contaminated or inaccurately labelled, deliberately or accidentally, many food products are not what they claim to be, putting the entire industry’s credibility at stake. Food Fraud is particularly prevalent in various products such as coffee, chia, herbs and spices, to name a few.

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High demand of natural L-Theanine Sunphenon® TH30

Sunphenon® TH30 is made from green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Tea has been seen as a calming and healing beverage for a long time. The calming effect of the tea is attributed to the contained L-Theanine and the green tea plant is very rich in natural L-Theanine. It is considered to prevent from sleeplessness, fatigue and chronic fatigue. But it can also help to lower stress and increase the ability to focus at work, study or sportive activities.

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Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

In these special times it is more important than ever to support each other. We would like to thank you for your reliance and for the pleasant cooperation in this special year. We wish you and your families a Merry

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Hybrid Soft Drinks with Sunfiber®

Hybrid soft drinks are the innovation on the struggling beverage market. With Sunfiber® – a natural guar bean fiber – Taiyo offers a key ingredient for a fortified product that offers nutritional-physiological health benefits. What are Hybrid Beverages? Consumers often

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Instant Black Tea – now available ex stock

Our product Sunphenon® BT-M, that is an Instant Black Tea Infusion and no tea extract, is now available ex stock. Sunphenon® BT-M is made from high quality black tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is rich in special

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