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Taiyo GmbH has created a new website with Sunfiber® information! To give interested professionals in Europe, Middle-East and Africa a short introduction about Sunfiber®, its main benefits, application possibilities and possible fiber concepts, Taiyo GmbH has launched this new site. It is clearly and attractive designed and a good medium to get to know Sunfiber®. The new website is now online and available in English and German language.

Sunfiber® is Taiyo’s water-soluble and 100% natural guar bean fiber for added-value foods, beverages and dietary supplements. It gently supports the digestive system and can also be used as technical additive in various applications. Quality and health advantages of this partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) are independently confirmed and backed by more than 150 studies.

Just click here to learn more about Sunfiber® on our new Sunfiber® website!

Sunfiber® information

For detailed information or for a possible collaboration in the concept development of Sunfiber® products, do not hesitate to contact us. Just fill out our contact form! We will be happy to support you!

Picture source: Taiyo

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