Sunphenon Instant Teas: safe, pure, efficient and tasty

Taiyo’s Sunphenon Instant Teas are containing everything that a home-made tea would also contain and even more.

Due to a special double water infusing brewing process Taiyo can extract much more of the amino acids and polyphenols from the finely milled tea leaves as consumers could possibly extract from the raw and big dried tea leaves at home. To produce a Sunphenon Instant Tea, 1 kg of the tea leaves are extracted with 20 l of hot water. For a preparation at home only 150 to 300 mg of the Sunphenon Instant Tea in 250 ml water are needed to get a delicious and non-bitter tea.

Because of rising pollution levels in teas that are caused by environmental poisons such as pesticides, heavy metals and BAP/PAH. Taiyo also guarantees the full safety and the quality of the Sunphenon instant teas and strictly controls pesticides, heavy metals and BAP/PAH and other residues on the basis of Japanese guidelines.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Instantly ready to drink
  • Easy to carry and perfect for tea “on-the-go” or “out-of-home”
  • Long stability if packed as instant tea in sticks or tea bags
  • Always the same tea concentration with perfect tea taste
  • Can be made with hot, warm or ice-cold water

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