Taiyo utilizes PowderPure’s INFIDRI technology on Suncran Naturelle product

Taiyo is utilizing PowderPure’s INFIDRI technology to boost the efficacy of its branded formula that supports both gut and urinary tract health, SunCran Naturelle. The blended product combines Taiyo’s Sunfiber soluble guar fiber with Fruit d’Or’s Cran Naturelle cranberry juice powder. INFIDRI is a dehydration process that preserves the nutritive compounds in fruits and vegetables. In 2017, International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) acquired PowderPure to further expand its offerings for clean label solutions, a segment which it predicted at the time would be a rapidly growing one. The move by Taiyo suggests that the technology also holds strong potential in the retention of inherent nutraceutical properties.

“The reason we selected PowderPure’s unique INFIDRI technology was due to its ability to preserve the color and polyphenols in the cranberry that confers its benefits for urinary tract infections (UTIs),” Derek Timm, Technical Sales Director at Taiyo, tells NutritionInsight.

INFIDRI takes inspiration from natural sunlight to gently remove water, preserving the nutritional, color and taste compounds of the original food. “It targets only water molecules, and naturally retains everything else including nutrients as well as compounds responsible for the cranberry’s natural tangy taste and vibrant color,” says Lucinda Salinas, PowderPure Director of Business Development. “INFIDRI is a must for manufacturers who need to deliver on their clean-label promises. SunCran Naturelle is simply fruit and fiber.”

In the case of SunCran Naturelle, the technology preserves the polyphenols, which are extremely important for a wide range of botanical products that have an intended use in nutraceuticals, Timm notes.

The company may also extend the use of the technology to be applied to future ingredients where the polyphenols’, color or taste need to be preserved.

“This process is one way to ensure that we’ve created a premium powder with excellent flowability and color. We’ve demonstrated through science that we’ve retained the bioactivity of the proanthocyanins and other compounds found in the premium cranberries. That is likely due to this patented INFIDRI technology,” Timm says.

“While we’re preserving nutrients and compounds, we’re also avoiding unnecessary ingredients. We’re not diluting our premium ingredients with compounds such as maltodextrin, which just isn’t required. That enables us to deliver maximum benefits from the prebiotic Sunfiber and the Cran Naturelle cranberry juice concentrate which has the bioactive cranberry polyphenols,” he adds.

A 2018 Rutgers University study found that Taiyo’s SunCran Naturelle, which contains standardized soluble cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs), limits the ability of pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract, thereby highlighting how it supports urinary tract health while improving gut health.

“With this research, we are providing holistic solutions targeting both urinary tract and gut health. SunCran Naturelle contains standardized, soluble cranberry PACs, which have been shown to have an anti-adhesion effect against pathogenic bacteria that lead to urinary tract issues. We’ve combined this best-in-class cranberry with a true prebiotic fiber proven to improve gut health and minimize harmful bacteria before they find their way to the urinary tract,” Timm notes.

SunCran Naturelle is organic, GRAS, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free and low-FODMAP certified. Available as a bulk powder, it is suitable for functional ready-to-drink beverages as well as for bars, capsules, stick packs and scoopable powders.

At IFT Food Expo last year, IFF presented PowderPure under its portfolio for the first time, some 18 months after the initial acquisition of the innovative US-based company.

“PowderPure has a very interesting drying technology that allows us to produce very clean and concentrated fruit and vegetable powders. These are certainly relevant to the natural trend and the desire for cleaner labels that we see in the marketplace,” Carmen Cain, VP, Regional General Manager North America, Flavors at IFF told NutritionInsight’s sister website, FoodIngredientsFirst, at the show.

Article By Laxmi Haigh and Robin Wyers

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