Partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) fiber and its influence on the intestinal microbiota

The influence of partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) fiber on the intestinal microbiota was analyzed in the latest issue of the magazine AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech, vol. 32(1). Dr. Stefan Siebrecht (Managing Director) and Laura Ingenlath (Quality Manager) from Taiyo GmbH, discuss the findings of two recent studies to assess the role and effects of partially hydrolzyed guar gum (PHGG) as a prebiotic dietary fiber.

Part 1, based on a literature review, describes the influence of the intestinal microbiota on the health status of humans and clarifies whether PHGG consumption has a health-promoting effect on the microbial population. Ten studies on five different disease patterns showed that PHGG fiber has a health-promoting effect on diet-related conditions.

Part 2 bases on a research project from Dr. Marco Boccarusso from Probionova SA, Switzerland. It describes the results of a laboratory analysis on the prebiotic potential of Taiyo’s water-soluble bean fiber, Sunfiber®, which is derived from PHGG, and on the growth of 20 microbial strains. The results show that Sunfiber® is actively metabolized by most of the strains tested.

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