Vegemeat: allergen-free minced meat alternative


Taiyo introduces 100% natural and vegan meat alternative / high protein content, free from soy, gluten, additives and preservatives

At Fi/Hi Europe in Frankfurt, Taiyo introduced Vegemeat, a new natural meat alternative for minced meat dishes. The granulated pea protein targets consumers not wanting to miss out on a minced meat-like texture. It is especially suitable for people on a vegan or low-meat diet who suffer from intolerances and thus pay close attention to ingredients.

Consumers on the lookout for plant-based meat alternatives will find a broad variety of products with a large array of ingredients, flavors and textures. Soy- or seitan-based products are among the most popular, but consumers suffering from allergies or those with thyroid diseases avoid these ingredients. Meat substitutes made from pea protein can fill the gap in the offer for this group of buyers. Thanks to the gentle production process, Taiyo’s newly developed Vegemeat boasts excellent taste as well as a convincing meat-like texture, making a big difference compared to many other meat alternatives based on pulses.

Vegemeat is a 100% natural, vegan pea protein granulate with no typical inherent flavor, so no off-notes need to be covered with special masking flavors. The production of the meat imitation with a minced meat-like texture succeeds thanks to a sophisticated recipe and a special production process. Vegemeat promises vegan enjoyment and is ideal for popular dishes such as bolognese or lasagne.

From a nutritional point of view, Vegemeat scores with a high protein content, which at 78g per 100g of product is far above that of soy, and a fat content of only 0.3g/100g. Since no sugar is added, the carbohydrate value is also pleasingly low at 5.5g. In total, Vegemeat contains only four ingredients: Pea protein, strawberry juice concentrate, salt and glucomannan (konjac root powder). An authentic mouthfeel and a decent spicy taste meet the demands of consumers for a high-quality, well-tolerated meat alternative that leaves nothing to be desired. Manufacturers or distributors of meat alternatives or instant soups can obtain Vegemeat in various package and container sizes.

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Picture source: Shutterstock | Olha Afanasiev

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