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The high protein natural vegan allergen-free meat replacement.


Vegemeat pea protein granules

Vegemeat is an allergen-free vegan meat alternative based on pea protein. It is 100% natural and without additives. Due to the minced meat-like texture and the spicy taste, the vegan pea protein granules can be used in dishes such as Bolognese or Lasagne. It can be fried like minced meat in a pan, or it can be used as a substitute for a recipe. Particular advantages of the Vegemeat pea protein granules are their high protein content of 78%, the non-existent pea taste and the pleasant consistency. It is also preservative-free and low in carbohydrates. 

The meat replacement made of pea protein.

Made of peas, a plant based protein source.

Vegemeat as a raw material consists of dry, fine vegan pea protein granules. The average size of one particle is approximately 7mm. Vegemeat pea protein granules contain no additives or preservatives. They consist only of pea protein, strawberry juice concentrate, salt and glucomannan (konjac root). It is 100% vegan and allergen-free, contains no soy or gluten. For preparation, hot water must be poured into Vegemeat and it has to swell for about 20 minutes. Vegemeat will soak up the water and then swells to about twice its original size. After swelling in hot water, Vegemeat is ready to use after pouring off. 

Nutrional values compared

Compared to other meat alternatives, which are mostly soy based, Vegemeat pea protein granules have a considerably higher protein content. In addition, they are low in carbohydrates and fat. The complete nutritional values can be accessed here.




The quality of Vegemeat:

Vegemeat pea protein granules

are perfect for vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians and for all




living people.



Bolognese is a traditional dish in every household and a favorite meal of children. The Italian meal consists of a mincemeat- sauce which is usually combined with Pasta. Now it is also an indulgence for people, who want to live without meat. The dish is classically prepared with chopped and gently roasted onions, carrots, celeriac and to this stock and sieved tomatoes are added. The mincemeat can simply be replaced by Vegemeat, which can be used the same way as the mincemeat after 15 to 20 minutes swelling in water. Served with Spaghetti it is a classic dish in every kitchen and now even healthier and more sustainable.


Lasagne is a casserole which is consisting of several lasagne sheets. Against the common expectation the origins of the lasagne are in England and not in Italy. It has been made there since the 14th century on the court of King Richard II. Obviously, it is nevertheless an Italian Classic. With Vegemeat it is now a meat-free pleasure. It does not matter if it is traditionally made with Bolognese- and Béchamel- sauce, as a spinach-cheese lasagne or as a vegetable lasagne – Vegemeat is a perfect mincemeat substitute.


A delicious dish for the whole family, but also a fast and popular meal for parties. Especially in winter a perfect meat-free alternative. For the preparation of the pizza- soup the Vegemeat must be soaked and after that gently roasted with chopped onions. Then add paprika, mushrooms and corn to it and deglaze it with some stock. To get a soup- consistency add a little bit of cream, tomato- sauce and soft cheese. The pizza- soup is also very delicious as a sauce for pasta, then it just needs less stock.

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