New formula for a Vegan Protein Shake – innovative Product Concept for Weight Management

Taiyo has developed an exciting novelty within the weight management segment – an innovative product concept of a Vegan Protein Shake! This shake is 100% soy and allergen free, 100% vegan and has a great coffee-cappuccino taste. This protein shake was developed on basis of latest studies. It is the first vegan shake having a combination of innovative and unique ingredients with added values for consumers. The goal was to create a shake with an outstanding taste, which enjoys broad acceptance.

This tasty and satiating drink contains health-promoting natural Taiyo Products:

  • XiaPure® Chia Protein powder (an excellent plant-based protein source)
  • Sunfiber® (low FODMAP dietary fiber for extended satiety and gut health)
  • WGCP™ (whole green coffee powder for increasing metabolism)
  • SunActive® Q-10E (for mitochondrial energy production and fat metabolism)
  • D-ribose (for mitochondrial energy production and cellular ATP)

The shake just has to be mixed 1:10 with water or vegan milk substitutes.

Target groups: health-conscious and overweight people, athletes and business people with little time for cooking.

Taiyo is looking for a contract manufacturer, who can produce this Vegan Protein Shake for Taiyo and for our customers within the EMEA-Region. Are you interested in working together with Taiyo and with our distributors? Then please let us know, what quantities of powder-blends (MOQ) and in what kind of packaging (jars, sachets) you are able to produce. After that we can submit you our formulation and orders of our clients as well as assign you to produce for us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information

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