New Study: Anxiety symptoms and Sunfiber

There was a new study published in Jan 2019 about the connection of Anxiety with the human gut microbiome. The Keynotes of this study are:

  • Psychological disorders such as Anxiety are connected and influenced by the gut-microbiome.
  • Anxiety could be influenced and reduced by improving gut microbiome.
    Gut microbiome and Anxiety could be influenced by probiotic and non-probiotic interventions.
  • Non-probiotic interventions include an increased intake of soluble dietary fiber and/or a LOW FODMAP diet.
  • It was highlighted that non-probiotic interventions were more effective than probiotic interventions.
  • Extrapolation of these study results to Taiyo’s Sunfiber: Increased intake of Sunfiber could potentially act against psychological disorders such as Anxiety via an improvement of the gut microbiome.

This study is another good argument for the completely new field of application of mental and psychological disorders.

Medical doctors, health care practitioners and nutritionists might start to use Taiyo’s Sunfiber also in the therapy of mental and psychological disorders. Moreover, Sunfiber can also be added in combination with other nootropic ingredients for mental health.

Yang B, et al. Effects of regulating intestinal microbiota on anxiety symptoms: A systematic review. General Psychiatry 2019;32:e100056.

You can download the study here:

Microbiome and Anxiety Yang 2019

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