Sunphenon® 8RTH – Taiyo´s soluble Matcha extract

Taiyo´s Sunphenon 8RTH

Taiyo is proud to present Sunphenon® 8RTH – a soluble Matcha extract, which creates a perfectly brewed instant Matcha.

While conventional Matcha powder is not water-soluble and produces sediment, Sunphenon® 8RTH is completely water-soluble without sedimentation. Therefore, it combines the advantages of conventional Matcha and the technical benefits of an instant tea. It is perfect for the use in beverages.

Technical information

Sunphenon® 8RTH is a dry infusion of Matcha tea leaves, that are extracted with pure water at 80°C. The Matcha tea leaves are shaded for several weeks. The shading decreases the production of polyphenols and increases the production of L-Theanine. Thus, Sunphenon® 8RTH contains eight times more (+800%) theanine than conventional green tea extracts. Furthermore, it has a less bitter taste due to the lower polyphenol content. It is important to highlight, that Sunphenon® 8RTH is a 100% legal tea extract for all kinds of food and beverages. Moreover, it requires no warnings or EGCg labelling.

Why Sunphenon® 8RTH?

Taiyo´s soluble Matcha extract can reduce stress and anxiety. It can be used in applications against inner arousal and panic attacks, but also against ADHD and PMS. Furthermore, it increases mental focus and helps with pain reduction.

 Learn more about Sunphenon® 8RTH

You can download our newest Taiyo brochure for Sunphenon® 8RTH for more detailed information.

If you require any further information regarding Sunphenon® 8RTH, please feel free to contact us. Our team is happy to assist you.

Picture source: Adobe Stock and Taiyo GmbH

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