Super food Award 2017 for Sunfiber in Finland

The Product Sunwic IBS drink powder (Oy Valioravinto Ab) consisting of 100% Sunfiber AG with the brand name Sunwic IBS was awarded product of the year 2017 in Finland by the Finnish Health Product Retailers Association members.

The Super Food of the Year 2017: Sunwic IBS drink powder (Oy Valioravinto Ab)

Valioravinto Oy’s Sunwic IBS is a clinically studied nutritive preparation for treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as part of dietary treatment. Sunwic IBS’s product development has been very successful from the viewpoint of people afflicted by irritable bowel syndrome IBS as Sunwic IBS is pleasant to use.

The powder dissolves completely in liquids, and it is completely flavourless, odourless and colourless. The powder does not jellify and so it is readily ingestible. These properties are of importance to IBS patients, who need to apply a certain dietary treatment week after week.

Winning Products of 2017

The members of the The Finnish Health Products Retailers’ Association annually elect the Health Product of the Year, the Super Food of the Year, the Care Product of the Year, and the Sports Product of the Year. The purpose is to recognize health-promoting quality products.

The products are appraised applying the following criteria:

  • There is product research data and successful product development associated with the product
  • Broad-in-scope positive consumer feedback
  • The product conforms to the health products sector’s spirit and objectives; it is suitable for self-care use

For the health-conscious consumer:

  • The product is of high quality and it is reliable

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