Taiyo GmbH creates a “Research and Application Competence Centre (Taiyo RACE)”

Taiyo is producing a whole portfolio of nutritional and health ingredients. The TAIYO product portfolio ranges from soluble dietary fibers (Sunfiber) over many different green tea products (Sunphenon, Teavigo, Matcha) to emulsified minerals and Q10 (SunActive Fe, Zn, Q10), Theanine (Suntheanine) and fruit preparations (SunAmla).
Although these ingredients are already for long time available on the market and lots of research has been done already there are still a lot of questions open that the new “Research and Application Competence Centre (Taiyo RACE)” should tackle. The centre will be based in Schwelm at the Office of Taiyo GmbH in Germany coordinating the activities all over Europe.

“We have created a program with many questions for each product that we want to discuss and solve in cooperation with scientists, manufacturers and regulatory people all over Europe. We invite them all to contact us for future cooperation.”

The TAIYO RACE activities are wide spread over the fields of science, regulatory initiatives, product development and increasing application know how in food, beverages and supplements.

Scientific Activities

  • performing clinical trials (food prevention and medical treatment trials)
  • scientific research
  • publishing articles and summaries

Regulatory Activities

  • Health Claims Studies and dossiers for several ingredients
  • NOVEL Food applications
  • Food additive initiatives
  • FSMP Dossiers

Application Activities

  • New Delivery Form developments
    • Soft Gel applications
    • Fast-Melting tablets and sticks
    • Nutritional Bars
    • Instant Powders
    • Liquid products such as gels, concentrates, ampoules
  • Formula development:
    • Beverages
    • Sport formulas
    • FSMP-products
    • Meal-Replacements
    • Weight Management Products
    • Mood and Stress-Formulations (ADHD)
    • Sleep formulas
    • Anti-Aging formulas
    • Heart and Immune formulas
  • Food additive initiatives
    • Sausages, mayonnaise, Ketchup
    • Meat products
    • Confectionary products
    • Dairy products
    • Bakery products

We hope to expand our knowledge and to generate a network of scientists and application specialists all over Europe to understand our products better and how they work in different food matrices to achieve the highest positive impact on human health. TAIYO is going to invest several hundred thousand Euro per year for R&D in the next upcoming years.
“The foundation of TAIYO RACE is a logical step, because today ingredient producers have to go far beyond of just producing and supplying the goods to the customers. The market expects that we support them with all the information and experience that we have about our products. To get as much information as fast as possible we also need help and support. Therefore, we will work together with universities and other research centres (CRO’s) but also with application labs and manufacturers to run tests and develop recipes and formulas. The target is to come up with 3-5 new product ideas studies or recipes each year. I am very excited about the upcoming results and I am absolutely sure that RACE will become a success and that it will be also very beneficial for our customers and for our business.

The RACE is ON!“

Dr. Stefan Siebrecht
Managing Director
Taiyo GmbH
Schwelm, Germany

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