Taiyo Lucid receives the “Good Corporate Citizen Award 2015-16” in India

Taiyo Lucid receives a award in India, the “Good Corporate Citizen Award 2015-16” by the Bombay Chamber of Commerce.

The award publicly acknowledges & honors conspicuous achievement by Corporates to improve environmental, social and cultural metrics by way of service to communities and outstanding operational performance. It also recognize businesses that have shown innovation, creativity and sustained commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

This award honors the activities of Taiyo Lucid for setting its very sustainable business that is supporting the maintenance of the environment and also cares for social and cultural development of the society and the people working for Taiyo Lucid. It all starts with Guar bean farmers in India that are supported by Taiyo Lucid and who profit from a regular income. These farmers have been educated to cultivated the Guar in a sustainable way, to produce the highest quality of Guar beans, the main raw material for Sunfiber an Guar Gum. Today these farmers can even produce Organic Guar beans following USDA and European Organic regulation.

Mr. Milind Musale, General Manager EHS&S received the award on behalf of Taiyo Lucid.

At the same time Taiyo Lucid also guarantees not only a fair and regular income in some of the very poor regions but Taiyo Lucid also cares for infrastructure by caring and investing in schools, roads and hospitals. Also important is the influence of Taiyo Lucid in changing and optimizing the working conditions for the farmers and all other Taiyo Lucid employers, to reduce the number of working hours to western levels and forbid childrens work and improve also other working conditions like protecting the workers from heavy work and noise.

Overall Taiyo Lucid takes full responsibility for the environment and the society with all its people to set up a successful and sustainable business for all.

Taiyo Lucid combines business and social and environmental responsibility in a perfect way. This is the reason why Taiyo Lucid received this award.

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