FiE 2023 in Frankfurt: Taiyo presented new innovative concepts

Taiyo at Fi Europe in Frankfurt

At FiE 2023 in Frankfurt Taiyo presented new and innovative concepts surrounding its functional ingredients. Taiyo’s mission was to inform interested customers about the various possibilities for using Taiyo’s raw materials. In addition to that, Taiyo was presenting well established ingredients like Sunfiber® and Vegemeat as well as novelties in the SunActive® and Sunphenon® range.

Taiyo concepts

Taiyo was proud to present three new booth walls full of brand new and innovative concepts surrounding the functional ingredients. A special focus was put on the concept for magnesium enriched milk with SunActive® Mg. One special advantage of Taiyo´s magnesium is that it is the only magnesium that can be added to milk, milk products and milk alternatives. That makes it unique in comparison to other magnesium raw materials. It has no side effects such as diaherrae and does not lead to protein-coagulation and separation when applied to milk and its absorption is independent from the milk calcium. Furthermore, the nutritional bar concept brochure, together with a product prototype of a chocolate nutritional bar with Sunfiber®, gained a lot of interest.

The SunActive® endosomal range – A revolution of new absorption modus

A highlight at FiE was the presentation of our product range, SunActive® endosomal, known for its distinctive endosomal mineral absorption capabilities. The range includes the minerals iron, magnesium, and zinc. This revolutionary solution is designed to reinforce optimal mineralization in the body. All minerals from the SunActive® endosomal range are absorbed via endocytosis, due to their small particle size of around 0,3µm. These particles can be absorbed directly like liposomes via endocytosis by the intestinal-enterocytes. This is called endosomal absorption.

EGCg alternatives – Conform with the EU guidelines

In keeping with our dedication to offering innovative solutions that align with regulatory standards, Taiyo showcased EGCg alternatives at FiE, designed to comply with the latest EU regulations. These substitutes deliver equivalent benefits as conventional EGCg, while staying in line with guidelines and prioritizing consumer safety. By proactively addressing regulatory shifts, we empower our clients to consistently incorporate the potent properties of EGCg into their products. This reinforces our standing as a reliable and forward-looking partner in the industry.

Vegemeat – Only 3 natural ingredients

As one of the main topics of the FiE was food ingredients, Taiyo presented its minced-meat alternative product Vegemeat. It only contains the three natural ingredients pea protein, strawberry concentrate and glucomannan. The Vegemeat taste testing has been particularly well received by customers. The Vegemeat was prepared and served as chili sin carne. This allowed the taste and mouthfeel to be tested directly.

If you have further questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you.

Picture source: Taiyo GmbH

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