Hybrid Soft Drinks with Sunfiber®

Hybrid soft drinks are the innovation on the struggling beverage market. With Sunfiber® – a natural guar bean fiber – Taiyo offers a key ingredient for a fortified product that offers nutritional-physiological health benefits.

What are Hybrid Beverages?

Consumers often try new food and beverages, but many of the new products might be little innovative and often very unhealthy.
A new trend is to mix categories and to combine something healthy into foods from categories that are normally not regarded as healthy. As a result, this becomes a hybrid beverage. This is comparable with hybrid cars, where a “good” component like an electric engine is combined with a “bad” component as a gasoline engine.

About Hybrid Soft Drinks

In the latest issue (04/2020) of the magazine Brewing and Beverage Industry International Dr. Stefan Siebrecht (Managing Director of Taiyo GmbH) gives insights into the market of hybrid soft drinks and describes the nutritional value of fiber enrichment: “One of the most exciting trends at present is fiber enrichment. Owing to modern eating habits and western taste preferences, the average consumption of dietary fiber is below recommended levels. With dietary fiber fortification, however, the food industry is responding to the needs of consumers who want to meet their daily requirements in a less complicated way.”

Moreover, he describes soft drink concepts with Sunfiber® and introduces the Dutch start-up Sisst&Soda.

Sisst&Soda – a customer of Taiyo’s Dutch partner Lithos Ingredients has developed a hybrid soft drink containing Sunfiber® specifically aimed at school children between 6 and 12 years of age.

Judith van Uden from Sisst&Soda states about this innovative drink:
“We wanted Mother Nature to be our guide. Without synthetic additives, kids get the nutrients they need in their busy lives. Sisst & Soda is full of fiber and bursting with natural energy because of Sunfiber® […]. It’s tasty and fun, but also nourishes children. Overall, we aim to reduce obesity, diabetes and the other diseases associated with unhealthy eating and drinking patterns.”

You can download the complete article of the Brewing & Beverage Industry International (04/2020) here:

Taiyo offers many ingredients that can be used in hybrid beverages for example in natural energy drinks, soft drinks, juices, smoothies, dairy and alternative drinks. Just click here to get to know Taiyo’s range of products for beverages.

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Picture source: Taiyo, Sisst&Soda

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