New Taiyo ingredients WGCP and SunCran Naturelle are now available!

Taiyo’s recently presented products WGCP and SunCran Naturelle are now available in a limited quantity from stock.

WGCP contains 100% natural unroasted whole green coffee beans derived of two most popular coffee bean types – Arabica (Coffea arabica) and Robusta (Coffea canephora) – provides several health benefits. It gets manufactured in the USA using meticulously selected high-quality whole green coffee bean from various countries.WGCP is rich in fiber, chlorogenic acids and other micronutrients that offer many health benefits. WGCP is a food source, so it can be added to food as a natural energy booster and organic source of caffeine or used as dietary supplement in capsules, tablets and sachets.

SunCran Naturelle is a cranberry juice powder mixed with Taiyo’s popular bean fiber Sunfiber that can be dispersed in water, juices, smoothies or yoghurt. It is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. SunCran Naturelle is available in various delivery forms, as it is ready for anything: dietary supplements, nutritional bars, beverages, powder drink mixes, cereals, jams, and dairy products.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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