Official notice of Name Change from TKI

We would like to inform you about a name change of Taiyo Lucid (TLPL) to Taiyo Kagaku India (TKI).

To produce Sunfiber the companies Taiyo Kagaku (Japan) and Lucid (India) created a joint venture in Aurangabad, India called Taiyo Lucid Pvt. Ltd. (TLPL). Taiyo Kagaku and Lucid owned 40% each of the shares on TLPL. Since then, the law in India recently changed and it became allowed for foreign companies to own the majority of companies that are based and producing in India.

In 2018 Taiyo Kagaku bought the full 40% shares of Lucid and Taiyo Kagaku became now the main shareholder of TLPL. As a result of this takeover, the name of Taiyo Lucid Pvt. Ltd. will be changed to Taiyo Kagaku India Pvt. Ltd (TKI).

This name change has officially already happened with effect from 07th January 2019 as per approval from Registrar of Companies, India.

All the manufacturing facilities, equipment, manufacturing processes and all other operations remain the same. The new head of Taiyo Kagaku India will be Dr. T.P. Rao and he will be based in Aurangabad.

The production of all kinds of Sunfiber is not affected by this takeover and Taiyo Kagaku India will now start to change all the certificates and documents.

Moreover, Taiyo GmbH will change the address of the Sunfiber production facility in all Sunfiber documents.

Best regards,
Your Taiyo Team

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