SunMatcha®: Renaming of Taiyo´s Matcha products


Taiyo would like to inform customers about an important change regarding its Matcha products. We are happy to announce that we have renamed two popular products to better align our brand and offerings.

Effective immediately, our EU Matcha 70 will now be known as

“SunMatcha® Kokyu – Japanese Organic Premium Matcha”

and our EU Matcha 100 will be known as

“SunMatcha® Gishiki – Japanese Organic Ceremonial Matcha”.

This renaming reflects our continuous development and efforts to provide high-quality and authentic Matcha products.

SunMatcha® Kokyu, previously known as EU Matcha 70, is a well-balanced blend characterized by a mild aroma, gentle bitterness, and a vibrant green color. This Matcha tea is ideal for daily enjoyment and offers a harmonious balance between taste and health benefits.

SunMatcha® Gishiki, previously known as EU Matcha 100, is a high-quality Matcha tea of utmost excellence. It stands out with its complexity, rich texture, and intense flavor profile. SunMatcha® Gishiki is the perfect choice for true Matcha enthusiasts seeking an authentic and unforgettable taste experience.

We want to emphasize that apart from the product names, nothing has changed in terms of the exceptional quality of our Matcha products. We remain committed to delivering excellence and continuously strive to bring you the best from the world of Matcha tea. Therefore, Taiyo is continuing the cooperation with green tea industry powerhouse ITO EN, well-known global suppliers of authentic, organic ceremonial green tea and Matcha powder.

Based in Japan, ITO EN has been producing authentic, flavorful and highly nutritious tea for more than 50 years. The company has a longstanding tradition of honoring tea’s cultural heritage, producing great tasting, sustainable tea and Matcha powder with unmatched health properties.  

Matcha popularity continues on an upward trajectory  

Matcha powder is made of high-grade green tea leaves cultivated with special care. The market for this distinctively rich-flavored ingredient with the beautiful green color has evolved quickly. Consumers have become more familiar with Matcha thanks to its use by high-end coffee retailers as well as elite specialty brands. 

“Consumers are becoming much more sophisticated in their appreciation of the true taste, color and aroma of Matcha.”, confirms Dr. Siebrecht. “The timing of this partnership between Taiyo and ITO EN is ideal due to the growing demand for the flavor of authentic organic matcha as well as its health benefits.” Matcha powder is also a wholesome nutritious ingredient. When treated with care, Matcha is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, fibers, chlorophyll and L-theanine.

“As the market becomes better educated about high quality Matcha, it is important that formulators have trusted suppliers who can deliver a premium ingredient and can provide valuable advice on how to position it. This is where Taiyo excels.”, says Dr. Siebrecht. “There is such a rich history associated with Matcha, in addition to its tremendous health benefits. Understanding and educating people about this history is essential to bringing high-end products to store shelves.”

Authentic, organic ceremonial Japanese Matcha is also suitable for beverages, dairy products, protein powder, baked goods and supplements.   

Taiyo and ITO EN emphasize safety and authenticity  

All Taiyo green tea and Matcha powder ingredients, including those sourced from ITO EN, are produced using time-honored water infusion and milling processes, and are in compliance with strict solvent and pesticide regulations. Stringent quality control standards are in place from farm to market.

“Our strict adherence to using only high-quality starting materials and safe processing standards is our guarantee that end-consumers will consistently have the benefit of nutritious, authentic products.”, explains Dr. Siebrecht. 

If you want to get more information about SunMatcha® Gishiki and SunMatcha® Kokyu, please take a look at our new SunMatcha® product brochure:

If you require any further information regarding our new product names or our range of Matcha varieties, please feel free to contact us. Our team is available to assist you.

Picture source: Adobe Stock and Taiyo GmbH

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