Sunphenon® TH30: available again in June 2024!

Green tea pured into mugs

Our product Sunphenon® TH30, natural L-theanine, will be available again from June.


Sunphenon® TH30 is made from high-quality green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is rich in natural green tea L-theanine. It can be used in food supplements, beverages, dairy products, and confectionery. It is the only legal form of L-theanine that can be used in Europe because it is 100% naturally derived from green tea.


Tea has long been regarded as a calming and healing beverage. The calming effect of tea is attributed to the L-theanine it contains. L-theanine has been consumed in tea by billions of people for thousands of years. In fact, L-theanine appears to prevent insomnia, fatigue and chronic tiredness. It can also help to reduce stress and increase the ability to concentrate at work, study or during sporting activities.


Manipulation is always one of the biggest problems in the food industry. Tea and tea extracts are one of the most adulterated foods in the world. L-theanine in tea form is the only legal form of theanine in Europe. Nowadays, many theanine products contain synthetic L-theanine or chemically produced D-theanine/L-theanine, which is much cheaper to produce. Both products are illegal in Europe and are considered unauthorized NOVEL FOOD. Taiyo established a method to analyze and identify green tea extracts that have been spiked with synthetic theanine. Taiyo can test and prove the naturalness of the theanine in Sunphenon® TH30 by independent isotope analysis. Taiyo’s Sunphenon® TH30 is therefore a natural and safe green tea extract containing 30% pure natural L-theanine, guaranteeing that this product is 100% natural and free from adulteration.

Taiyo’s high-quality Sunphenon® TH30 will be available in June.

Are you interested in our Sunphenon® TH30 or have further questions? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to support you.

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