Food adulteration – Taiyo´s adulteration-free guarantee

Food adulteration

Food adulteration also known as food fraud is a rising issue in the food industry.

Whether adulterated, contaminated or inaccurately labelled, deliberately or accidentally, many food products are not what they claim to be, putting the entire industry’s credibility at stake. Food Fraud is particularly prevalent in various products such as coffee, chia, herbs and spices, to name a few.

Logo of the adulteration-free guarantee

Also Tea and Matcha are some of the most adulterated foods in the world. Taiyo as a Japanese company has a very strict quality control, controls the tea leaves, the pesticides use and also the full production process of its green tea extract with many quality steps. Regarding Matcha, Taiyo works with a renowned Japanese partner to ensure that its product is authentic, of guaranteed quality and derived from a strictly monitored cultivation and production process. Therefore, Taiyo can guarantee that all products are 100 % pure and free from any adulteration.

Our Managing Director Dr. Stefan Siebrecht has published various articles or held interviews about this global problem. Click on the following link to read an article of the magazine “NutraCos” about the challenges of food adulteration.

If you have any questions regarding Taiyos Quality Management or our adulteration-free guarantee do not hesitate to contact us!

Picture source: Shutterstock | Artem Postoev

Article source: Dr. Stefan Siebrecht: The business of authenticity, B5 S.r.l., NutraCos, issue May/ June 2020

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