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Natural brain-boosting beverages with Taiyo ingredients

Natural brain-boosting beverages will be launched at the end of march by the Denmark-based Clutch Cognition. The start-up, consisting of a molecular biologist, a medical doctor and a nutrition innovation expert, has created cognitive health focused products that are true alternatives to the caffeine-laden energy-drinks.

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Hybrid Soft Drinks with Sunfiber®

Hybrid soft drinks are the innovation on the struggling beverage market. With Sunfiber® – a natural guar bean fiber – Taiyo offers a key ingredient for a fortified product that offers nutritional-physiological health benefits. What are Hybrid Beverages? Consumers often try new food and beverages, but many of the new

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Introducing Energy 4.0 functional “Sunfiber® Cola”

Sugar-free and high in fiber, the new Energy 4.0 cola from TAIYO, SINALCO and SWEETHOUSE boosts enzymatic energy production and offers multiple benefits. Schwelm, Germany, October 2019 – Collaboration partners SINALCO, SWEETHOUSE and health-promoting ingredients expert TAIYO have launched their second beverage concept – a functional Energy 4.0 cola that’s

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