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Taiyo – the functional ingredients expert – focuses on the development of ingredients, derived from natural sources, to further develop the body’s ability to protect and manage one’s health. Taiyo strives to add value to all products by advancing technologies it has developed for the food industry. We actively take on challenges in new fields and address modern day issues with an insatiable curiosity guided by our corporate philosophy:

Imagine, Desire and Create.

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Gut bacteria and fertility – study finds potential link

Gut bacteria and fertility. That there might be a connection between the gut microbiome and women’s fertility was recently analysed in a preliminary study. In the pilot study, Japanese researchers analysed the gut microbiomes of 18 fertile and 18 infertile women. They found that the infertile women had different gut microbiome compositions compared with fertile women, indicating the gut microbiome may play a role in fertility.

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Food adulteration – Taiyo´s adulteration-free guarantee

Food adulteration also known as food fraud is a rising issue in the food industry. Whether adulterated, contaminated or inaccurately labelled, deliberately or accidentally, many food products are not what they claim to be, putting the entire industry’s credibility at stake. Food Fraud is particularly prevalent in various products such as coffee, chia, herbs and spices, to name a few.

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Exhibitions & Events

Taiyo regularly takes part in various exhibitions and events of the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage industry. Due to the current situation all of the shows had to be cancelled or postponed. We hope we can meet you at one of the following shows. Until then, please contact us to arrange an individual video meeting!