Sunsoft® Cosmetics

Having over 70 years insight and profound knowledge about surface-activity technologies and the manufacturing know-how of Poly Glycerol Fatty acid Esters (PGFEs), Taiyo is vigorously pushing the boundaries of our PGFEs to cosmetic and personal care fields as well.

Sunsoft cosmetics
Natural cosmetics
Performance wise & PEG free PGFEs

Taiyo’s PGFEs for cosmetic use, marketed under the brand name Sunsoft®, have been acknowledged by top cosmetic performers around the world.

  • PEG-free Surfactants
          Low skin irritation, softness and hydration with utmost safety
  • High Performance
          Excellent surface activity covering emulsification, solubilization, texture modification,                      detergency & foaming, etc.
  • Strong application capabilities delivering range of distinguishable solutions (especially,                cleansing formulation)
  • Mostly made of food additives from edible and reliable sources
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
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