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what is sunfiber®?
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Invisible fiber. Visible benefits.

Discover the facts about sunfiber®

Natural source

  • 100% natural certified ingredient (ISO 19657:2017)
  • Produced in Taiyo’s dedicated plant in Aurangabad, India
  • Glyphosate residue free
  • Certified by the Detox Project
  • Nutritional benefits

  • Low FODMAP certified by the Monash University
  • Suitable for patients with IBS, SIBO and other functional gastrointestinal disorders
  • Safe and gentle fiber
  • Supports weight management by increasing satiety
  • Scientific prove


  • improves the human gut microbiome
  • reduces energy intake in beverages
  • improves all 5 barriers of the gut immune system
  • prevents influenza and improves cold symptoms
  • improves motivation
  • Technical properties

  • 100% clearly water-soluble fiber
  • No taste, colour or smell
  • Freeze and thaw stable
  • Temperature and pH stable
  • Low viscosity
  • Not hygroscopic
  • Gluten- and allergen-free
  • HALAL and Kosher certified
  • Where does Sunfiber® come from?
    Sunfiber production line
    Picture of guar beans
    In a very mild process at low temperatures the guar bean seeds are mixed with water and the main dietary fiber (Galaktomannan) is enzymatically fermented and the water-soluble bean fiber Sunfiber® is extracted. Sunfiber® is one the longest water-soluble dietary fibers with a molecular weight of 20.000 – 40.000 Dalton.
    Sunfiber® applications
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    Sunfiber® vs other fibers
    Sunfiber solubility
    Other fibers solubility
    • Soluble in water
    • No increase in viscosity
    • Easy to consume
    • 100% prebiotic
    • Helps with constipation and diarrhea
    • Does not dissolve in water
    • Increasing viscosity
    • Difficult to consume
    • Not prebiotic
    • Helps with diarrhea, but

              can cause constipation

    Sunfiber® and its influence on different body axes
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    Sunfiber® for...

    Elderly people

    The gut microbiome decreases in older people and has less diversity, which causes gastrointestinal problems such as constipation.

  • increases the growth of good gut bacteria
  • improves the balance of the microbiome
  • reduces constipation
  • reduces gastrointestinal problems in elderly people
  • Sensitive people

    Many people, especially women and children often have difficulties consuming and swallowing fiber products because they are often very dry and thick.

    Sunfiber® is easily soluble, tasteless, without increasing viscosity and very easy and convenient to consume.


    Children love to eat sweets or drink sugar-enriched products.

    Sunfiber® as a gentle fiber reduces sugar consumption by replacing carriers such as maltodextrin and brings back the beneficial effects of fiber to juices, dairy and other products.


    Sunfiber® has several health benefits that may also be relevant for athletes:

  • Activation of energy production through activation of AMPK
  • Strengthening all 5 barriers of the gut immune system
  • Optimizing the hydration status
  • Preventing reduced production of SCFA in the gut during a high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet
  • Quality of Taiyos Sunfiber®
    Taiyo 100% vegan icon

    Taiyo guarantees that Sunfiber® is 100% vegan and of natural plant-based origin.

    Taiyo Organic Quality Icon

    Sunfiber® is available as conventional and in organic form. Taiyo guarantees that Sunfiber® is 100% organic certified.

    Taiyo 100% natural icon

    Taiyo guarantees that the product is made from ingredients with 100 % natural origin without using any chemical additives.

    Taiyo Halal Quality Icon

    Sunfiber® is halal certified (ULAMA/حلال). Taiyo guarantees that Sunfiber® fits the Islamic law. Taiyo guarantees that the product carries out regular halal certifications accordingly.

    Taiyo Kosher Quality Icon

    Sunfiber® is kosher certified. Taiyo guarantees that Sunfiber® fits the laws of kosher.

    Sunfiber® is certified as 100% natural ingredient (ISO 2017). The ISO organization has set a definition for natural ingredients. Taiyo’s Sunfiber® has achieved the ISO certification as “natural ingredient” for some products by an accredited 3rd party audit. Customers might use the term “natural” on their labels for Sunfiber® products.

    Sunfiber® is NON-GMO-Project verified. GMO means genetically modified organism, who has been deliberately altered by genetic engineering methods. Taiyo guarantees that no GMO or any GMO material is used.
    Taiyo guarantees that Sunfiber® is 100% allergen-free. Taiyo manufactures only non-allergic products in own dedicated factories where no allergens are used.
    Japanese Quality Taiyo Quality Logo

    Sunfiber® is produced under Japanese quality control. It is made in India in a factory owned and controlled by the Japanese company Taiyo. Sunfiber® is Japanese quality, made in India.

    Technical properties

    Sunfiber® can also be used as a technical additive for example for pressing tablets as bulking agent instead of HPMC, rice starch or maltodextrin. The advantage is the clean labelling because Sunfiber® is not a carbohydrate but a dietary fiber and it is labelled as water soluble bean fiber.

    Normally a carrier, such as maltodextrin is needed for drying juices and other herbal products. Sometimes Maltodextrin is used in high quantities up to 50-75%. Maltodextrin is a sugar that has to be labeled as carbohydrate. Beside its carrier function maltodextrin has no other health benefit or other physiological function. Sunfiber® can be used as a carrier to dry juices and supply dietary fiber with reduced caloric intake and all health benefits of dietary fiber.

    Sunfiber® can be used as agent to increase the volume of products for better homogeneity and make it easier to use small quantity raw materials.

    Sunfiber® can also be used to replace fat, starch or carbohydrates in food products. In dairy products such as yoghurt drinks Sunfiber® can be used to reduce 30% of the sugar. In flours for baking, Sunfiber® can be used to reduce 20-33% of the starch containing flour.

    Sunfiber® as polymer of 20.000 Da also has some foam stabilizing effects, that makes products creamier (more “fat-like”) and increases the mouth feeling of dairy products such as ice cream or yoghurt drinks.

    Sunfiber® can be used as an anti-caking agent for tablets, capsules and powders. Its non-hygroscopic properties inhibits the hygroscopicity of different products. Furthermore, Sunfiber® is maltodextrin free and is clean labelling. Therefore, it combines technical and nutritional benefits.

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