Taiyo´s Sushi & Sake Event at FIE Frankfurt 2017!

Taiyo´s Sushi & Sake Event at FIE Frankfurt 2017!

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, partners, customers and those who will be,

You are kindly invited to our Sushi & Sake Event at FIE Frankfurt 2017!

If you are visiting the exhibition, we would be pleased to invite you to our booth.

When? Wednesday, Nov.,  29th 2017
Where? Hall 8 –  H67
Time? The event starts at 12.30 pm

Your Taiyo Team

Sunfiber goes organic!

Sunfiber® R-O, Sunfiber® AG-O and Sunfiber® ST-O are Taiyo’s newest Sunfiber Product releases with organic certification. Sunfiber® is a partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG) which is all natural and 100% water soluble. Sunfiber® is a dietary fiber prepared by enzymatic fermentation from Indian Guar Beans. Sunfiber® is tasteless, colorless and odorless. Sunfiber® improves functionality of foods and beverages. Sunfiber® delivers a high dietary fiber content and excellent stability over a wide pH-range, it is highly heat and freeze and thaw stable.

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Taiyo Lucid receives the “Good Corporate Citizen Award 2015-16” in India

Taiyo Lucid receives a award in India, the “Good Corporate Citizen Award 2015-16” by the Bombay Chamber of Commerce.

The award publicly acknowledges & honors conspicuous achievement by Corporates to improve environmental, social and cultural metrics by way of service to communities and outstanding operational performance. It also recognize businesses that have shown innovation, creativity and sustained commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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FDA Confirms That Sunfiber Meets its Definition of a Dietary Fiber

01 Sep 2016 — With less than two years to comply with the new US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nutrition labeling rule for fiber, countless food, beverage and supplement manufacturers are nervous about their formulas. If the fiber in their product doesn’t meet the new requirements within two years, everything from packaging to advertising may need to change, which is not something that can be done overnight.  Those using Sunfiber, however, are confident about moving forward. That’s because the FDA has already confirmed that Sunfiber – partially hydrolyzed guar gum – qualifies as a dietary fiber under its new, more stringent definition.

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Taiyo GmbH creates a “Research and Application Competence Centre (Taiyo RACE)”

Taiyo is producing a whole portfolio of nutritional and health ingredients. The TAIYO product portfolio ranges from soluble dietary fibers (Sunfiber) over many different green tea products (Sunphenon, Teavigo, Matcha) to emulsified minerals and Q10 (SunActive Fe, Zn, Q10), Theanine (Suntheanine) and fruit preparations (SunAmla).
Although these ingredients are already for long time available on the market and lots of research has been done already there are still a lot of questions open that the new “Research and Application Competence Centre (Taiyo RACE)” should tackle. The centre will be based in Schwelm at the Office of Taiyo GmbH in Germany coordinating the activities all over Europe.

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