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Sunfiber® is a 100% water-soluble bean fiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum, PHGG). It is a dietary fiber produced by enzymatic fermentation from the Indian guar bean. Sunfiber® is suitable for use as a dietary supplement and improves the functionality of foods and beverages. As Sunfiber® is tasteless, colorless, odorless and has no gelling properties, it does not increase the viscosity of foods or beverages. Sunfiber® delivers a high dietary fiber content and excellent stability over a wide pH-range, it is highly heat and freeze and thaw stable. Clinically proven to lower glycemic index, improve mineral absorption and promote intestinal regularity. Sunfiber® is slowly but 100% fermented by the gut bacteria, especially by Bifidus bacteria. Moreover, Sunfiber® is all natural. That has also been certified by ISO (ISO 2017:19657). As a result, products which contain Sunfiber® can be claimed as 100% natural.

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Sunfiber® Partially hydrolysed guar gum from Indian Guar Beans
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The Indian Guar Bean (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus) is high in soluble dietary fiber. In a very mild process at low temperature the guar bean seeds are mixed with water and the main dietary fiber (Galaktomannan) is enzymatically fermented and the water-soluble bean fiber Sunfiber® is extracted. Sunfiber® is one the longest water-soluble dietary fibers with a molecular weight of 20.000 – 40.000 Dalton.

Sunfiber® is produced in a very sustainable and economically friendly way in Rajasthan in the Northwest of India. Rajasthan is the hottest and most dry area of India and the Guar Bean is one of the only plants that can grow there. Taiyo Kagaku India produces Sunfiber® in a dedicated factory in Aurangabad. The factory gives work for more than 80.000 farmers in this area. The Guar Bean has a long tradition in the Indian diet and it is their only livelihood.

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In May 2016, the US FDA created a new definition for dietary fibers based on clinical evidence that proves fiber benefits. Sunfiber® is one of only five natural fibers that fulfill this new FDA fiber definition. Sunfiber® is the only certified dietary fiber that is 100% water-soluble, non-viscous and that can be used in beverages and can still be labelled as a “dietary fiber” in the US. All other complex carbohydrates that do not yet fulfill this fiber definition have to prove that they have fiber benefits within the next two years.


Sunfiber® is the first fiber and first stand-alone ingredient to become a Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™ product. FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Disaccharides, Mono-saccharides and Polyols) are a group of dietary sugars which are poorly absorbed in the small intestine. They are known to cause gas related pain, intestinal distention and constipation and/or diarrhea in people suffering from functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


Taiyo develops more and more combinations of partially hydrolysed guar gum with other raw materials in cooperation with partners and customers. These combinations are not just blending but homogenous agglomerations of Sunfiber® with other materials for use as instant products or in powder blends. These formulated, agglomerated or extruded products are produced by partners of Taiyo and distributed either via Taiyo or by Taiyo’s partner companies such as DRS Ingredients. All these product combinations can be customized for individual needs if the volumes are high enough.


Sunfiber® can also be used as a technical additive for example for pressing tablets as bulking agent instead of HPMC, rice starch or maltodextrin. The advantage is the clean labelling because Sunfiber® is not a carbohydrate but a dietary fiber and it is labelled as water soluble bean fiber.

Normally a carrier, such as maltodextrin is needed for drying juices and other herbal products. Sometimes Maltodextrin is used in high quantities up to 50-75%. Maltodextrin is a sugar that has to be labeled as carbohydrate with 4,2 Kcal/g. Beside its carrier function maltodextrin has NO other health benefit or other physiological function than just supplying carbohydrate calories. More and more consumers do not want maltodextrin in their products, for example overweight people, diabetic people and health conscious people. Partially hydrolysed guar gum can be used as a carrier to dry juices and supply dietary fiber with reduced caloric intake and all health benefits of dietary fiber. Sunfiber® is declared as dietary fiber and the material can be declared as carrier-free. One of the first products is the carrier free SunCran™ Naturelle, a combination of cranberry juice sprayed on Sunfiber®.

Sunfiber® can be used as agent to increase the volume of products for better homogeneity and make it easier to use small quantity raw materials. For example, instant teas are used in a dosage of 300 mg per serving. 300 mg is a very small dosage and the instant teas are also hygroscopic and tend to lump together. In Sunfiber® tea the 300 mg instant dosage is sprayed on 3g of Sunfiber®. This makes Sunfiber® tea easier to use and reduces hygroscopicity and lumping. Also, Theanine (100-200mg) for brain-gut health concepts or probiotics (100-200 mg) for prebiotic-probiotic concepts can be easily used in combination with 3g of Sunfiber® for instant drinks.

Sunfiber® can also be used to replace fat, starch or carbohydrates in food products. In dairy products such as yoghurt drinks Sunfiber® can be used to reduce 30% of the sugar. In this case an EFSA nutritional claim for the fiber content and an EFSA health claim for sugar reduction (reduction of postprandial blood sugar) can be used for this product. In flours for baking, Sunfiber® can be used to reduce 20-33% of the starch containing flour. Sunfiber® as polymer of 20.000 Da also has some foam stabilizing effects, that makes products creamier (more “fat-like”) and increases the mouth feeling of dairy products such as ice cream or yoghurt drinks.

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