Chia Protein

Chia Protein is a multifunctional Chia protein extract that concentrates Chia protein in a micro-milled format. It is a plant-based protein that is easily dispersible, it contains all essential amino acids and it provides a high digestibility. It also has the advantage of a low saturated fat content and it contains no cholesterol. It is an excellent ingredient to help cover the daily protein requirements, as well as it is offering a large portion of the daily requirement of dietary fiber and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Chia protein provides a light nutty taste and it can improve the mouthfeel of products (shakes, beverages) by adding creaminess to the texture. Chia protein is allergen-free, vegan und 100% naturally produced out of chia seeds.

Taiyo Chia Protein Products:

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