Fibers (dietary fiber, more rarely non-nutritive carbohydrates) are largely indigestible dietary constituents, mostly carbohydrates, which occur predominantly in plant foods. They are found mainly in cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes and in small quantities in milk. For the sake of simplicity, one divides the fiber into water-soluble (such as locust bean gum, guar, pectin and dextrin’s) and water-insoluble (for example, cellulose). Dietary fiber is now, quite differently than the name suggests, as an important part of the human diet. The EU Nutrition Labelling Regulation gives them a gross calorific value of 2kcal /g.

Dietary fiber increases satiety and affect the carbohydrate metabolism for example by lowering fasting and postprandial blood glucose concentrations. By increasing the binding and excretion of bile acids, fiber can lower the cholesterol concentration and thus the risk of coronary heart disease. Due to their water-binding capacity, they increase the viscosity of the chyme and the stool weight. Thus, dysfunction of the intestine, such as constipation, can be prevented with a high intake of dietary fiber.

Taiyo Fiber Products:

Vitafoods 2023 - Thank you for your visit

We are excited to share that Taiyo GmbH recently took part in the Vitafoods Europe exhibition held in Geneva. As a leading provider of innovative ingredients and solutions, Taiyo showcased its products and expanded the reach in various sectors, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. We would like to express our gratitude to all the customers who visited our booth and made Vitafoods 2023 a remarkable event.

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Vitafoods 2023

We are excited to announce that Taiyo GmbH will be showcasing our latest products at Vitafoods 2023. Vitafoods is one of the largest international exhibitions for supplements, functional foods and beverages, health and wellness products. We are proud to present our new products from the Sunfiber®, Sunphenon® and Vegemeat product range.

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Sunfiber® AF General

Taiyo is proud to present a new product – Sunfiber® AF. With this new product, Taiyo is expanding its product range in a completely new direction: Sunfiber® AF is specially designed for animal feed. 

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Fi Europe 2022 Preview

At this years Fi Europe 2022 in Paris, Taiyo is presenting novelties from the Sunfiber®, Vegemeat and Sunphenon® ranges, in addition to the already well-known functional ingredients. 

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At DrinkTec Munich 2022 functional ingredient expert Taiyo presented brand new beverage concepts which addressed current consumer trends, such as energy water, sleep water, sports nutrition, and other functional drinks. The company presented a newcomer to its Sunfiber® portfolio, Sunfiber VC – an all-natural, 100% soluble dietary fiber – as well as its new Sunfiber Water, CherryShield water and other functional waters. It also presented different “always perfect instant teas”, specially prepared for being brewed in Nespresso cups. Other highlights at the Taiyo booth included the SunMatcha extract and Moringa extract with weight loss properties. The managing director, Dr. Stefan Siebrecht, also informed the audience about the effects of Theanine and it´s benefits for your beverages. 

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NutraIngredient Asia Award 2022

At the Asia Awards 2022 organized by NutraIngredients, a well-known platform for functional ingredients, Taiyo´s Sunfiber® was entered in the category ingredient of the year: Prebiotics. Sunfiber® was selected as one of the three finalists but unfortunately missed out the award very close.

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Logo of Sunfiber dietary fiber product range

Sunfiber® is partially hydrolysed Guar Gum (PHGG), an all-natural galactomannan water-soluble fiber that is tasteless, colorless and odorless. Sunfiber® delivers a high fiber content and excellent pH, heat and freeze/thaw stability. It is clinically proven to lower the glycaemic index, improve mineral absorption and promote intestinal regularity.

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