Microwave Dried Food Ingredients

MD products are dried and expanded crisps, flakes and cubes. The products can be flavoured, coloured and sweetened as needed and the composition can be highly customized. MD products can be made of many materials such as starch, protein, dietary fiber and can be combined with nutrients such as minerals, trace-elements, amino acids, fruit extracts or other health ingredients. The mixtures are dried and expanded by microwave, granulated under dry conditions and a fiber shape product. Volume, crispiness and the speed of re-absorption of water by the products can be adjusted by variating these drying conditions.

Taiyo MD Products:

Fi Europe 2022 Preview

At this years Fi Europe 2022 in Paris, Taiyo is presenting novelties from the Sunfiber®, Vegemeat and Sunphenon® ranges, in addition to the already well-known functional ingredients. 

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Vegetarian or vegan alternatives to animal products can no longer be overlooked on supermarket shelves. In Germany, around seven million people already eat a vegetarian diet, more than one percent of the population even lives vegan, and more and more consumers are calling themselves flexitarians. However, the desire of many people for plant-based alternatives that have a meat-like structure, natural ingredients and, above all, convincing taste, poses challenges for the food industry. Taiyo is an expert in functional ingredients and supplies Vegemeat, a plant-based meat alternative made from pea protein. The granules are 100 percent natural, free of additives and preservatives, and also allergen-free: perfect for soups, bolognese, lasagnas and the like.

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Logo of Vegemeat vegan soy protein granules

Vegemeat is a vegan meat alternative based on pea protein. Due to the minced meat-like texture and the spicy taste, the vegan pea protein granules can be used in dishes such as Bolognese or Lasagne. It can be fried like minced meat in the pan, or it can be used as a substitute for a recipe. Particular advantages of Vegemeat are the high protein content of more than 75g / 100g, the non-existent pea taste and the pleasant consistency. It is also preservative-free and low in carbohydrates.

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