Green Coffee Powder

Unroasted coffee powder appears to be found in the food supply dating back as far as 850 AD. Raw coffee beans were consumed in Africa already in 1000 AD. The tribes just ate the raw dried beans. They coated them in animal fat and gave them to their warriors for much needed energy during battles or hunt. Coffee beans are often roasted today, but there is still huge consumption of the raw green beans. It is known that the beans can be chewed in the raw green form. This is known to give energy and was used as ancient medicine for bowel issues. Raw and unroasted green coffee beans are rich in fiber, acids and other micronutrients that offer many health benefits. Green Coffee Powder can be added to food as a natural energy booster and organic source of caffeine.

Taiyo Green Coffee Powder Products:

Logo of the WGCP whole green coffee powder product range

WGCP™ is made from entire raw unroasted coffee beans that are processed by a patented technology (Deep temperature Cryo-Milling under inert-gas atmosphere) into a powder that is still rich in fiber, acids and other nutrients that offer many health benefits. WGCP™, is not an extract. WGCP™ is a natural food source and it can be added to various food applications or used as dietary supplement.

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